COVID-19 Notice

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COVID-19 Notice

Information on this website is for reference only. Please refer to airlines notices, Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency COVID-19 website, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Travel Safety website or diplomatic offices website for more information.
  • Entrants are free from the obligation for PCR screening on the 1st day after their entry(10.1.~) and are able to screen themselves by PCR test within 3 days.
  • Discontinuation  of obligation for registration of PCR screening in Q-CODE website (10.1.~).
  • Subject to change in the event of future emergence of new mutations or any situational change here or abroad.
  • For quarantine guideline when leaving Korea, please check the individual policies of each country

COVID-19 Test Cost

1. Test Cost for Departure

Category PCR Test Antigen Test
Weekdays Weekends
(Weekdays 7AM~9AM / Holidays)
Weekdays Weekends
(Weekdays 7AM~9AM / Holidays)
Koreans KRW 96,000 KRW 100,000 KRW 61,000 KRW 65,000
Foreigners KRW 104,000 KRW 110,000 KRW 69,000 KRW 75,000

2. Test Cost for Arrival

Category PCR Test
Arrival Passenger KRW 80,000

※ Who is able to take the arrival PCR test at Incheon Airport : Foreigner with a short-term visa

Quarantine guideline for foreigners

  • No quarantine required regardless of vaccination status or visa type (only confirmed infection cases will be quarantined)
* Mandatory quarantine for international arrivals has been lifted since July 25, 2022. All entrants from overseas are strongly encouraged to register through the Q-CODE system before entry.

1. Quarantine response guideline (from October 1, 2022)

- Symptomatic Entrants

Classification PCR test Test result Action
Symptomatic entrants Arrival Hall or Central Quarantine and Medical Support Center (Quarantine Facility) Positive Transfer to one's residence, hospital, or treatment facility
Negative The procedure for the asymptomatic entrants shall be followed by object.

- Asymptomatic Entrants

Type Autonomous PCR screening within 3 days of arrival in Korea Quarantine
Long-stay foreigners
Public Health Center Quarantine for only confirmed persons
Short-stay foreigners Airport COVID-19 Test Center or PCR testing capable medical institution
(at own expense)
Quarantine for only confirmed persons
※ You can enter the result of the PCR test done within 24 hours after entry on the ‘Registration of post-entry inspection’ page on the Q-CODE website.


  • Basic immigration procedure
  • Checking quarantine information of all entrants.
  • Quarantine information
  • Check health status and information, etc. of entrants.
  • Q-CODE users:
    resent the issued QR code for the quarantine officer to scan and check the information.
  • Non-Q-CODE users:
    Present the health status questionnaire for verification. After checking, the information is entered into the immigration system.

  • Confirm the health conditions of those entering the Republic of Korea by presenting the QR Code* issued by the system to the quarantine officer at the time of entry after having inputted quarantine information through the preliminary quarantine information input system (Q-CODE).
  • Quarantine Information Pre-entry System (Q-CODE)
  • Registration is strongly encouraged for all passengers entering from overseas.
  • Q-CODE system users may report their health status by presenting the QR code (no additional documents required)
  • How to use the Q-CODE

Step 1

Access the Q-CODE website.

Step 2

Click the ‘Go’ button on the main page.

Step 3

Input information for each category.

Step 4

Select ‘Persons entering the country after 0:00p.m. September 3rd ‘ when entering negative test result confirmation information

Step 4

Download and print out the QR code issued after submission.

Step 5

When entering Korea, submit the QR code to the quarantine officer.

 The entry procedure above is subject to change depending on the COVID-19 situation.

3. Required documents for entering Korea

Bring one of the following three documents in printed copy:

  1. 1. Confirmation of Negative PCR Test Result (only test results within 48 hours of departure are recognized)
  2. 2. Confirmation of Negative RAT Test Result (only test results within 24 hours of departure are recognized)
  3. 3. QR code issued by Q-CODE
※ Name*, date of birth**, test method, test date, test result, issue date, and test institution should be included in the Confirmation of Negative PCR or RAT Test Result.
* Your name on the document should be the same as on your passport.
** Passport number or ID card number should also be valid.
※ Please note that a speedier immigration inspection is possible when using the Q-CODE system.

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