Program at a Glance

2024년 대한이식학회 제20차 춘계학술대회
일시: 2023년 3월 29일(금)∼30일(토)
장소: 김대중컨벤션센터
1일차 (3월 29일 금)
시간4층 컨벤션홀2-34층 컨벤션홀12층 211~212호2층 213호2층 214호2층 208~210호
08:30-08:40Opening Ceremony    
E-Poster Exhibition
08:40-10:10기초 세션 I
Recent update of diverse T cell subsets in transplantation
10:10-10:30Coffee Break
0:30-12:00기초 세션 II
Overview of immunoregulatory molecules in transplantation
12:00-13:00Luncheon Symposium ⅠLuncheon Symposium Ⅱ   
13:00-14:30정책 세션 Ⅰ
Machine Perfusion in transplantation
KJT 리뷰어 인증 교육 I   
14:30-14:50Coffee Break
14:50-16:20Multidisciplinary Session
Pre-transplant Preparation and Management for high risk patient – multidisciplinary approach
KJT 리뷰어 인증 교육 II
 이식학회 이사회
16:00-16:20 (20′)
생명나눔과 장기기증 현장의 실제
17:50-18:20젊은 이식 의료인 Reception
장소: 4층 로비
2일차 (3월 30일 토)
시간4층 컨벤션홀2-34층 컨벤션홀12층 211~212호층 213호2층 214호2층 208~210호
08:00-09:30유관기관 보고연구과제 보고   Poster Presentation
동시 세션 진행
장기기증 활성화를 위한 기증자 및 유가족 예우 : 윤리적 측면
E-Poster Exhibition
10:30-10:50Coffee Break
10:50-12:20정책세션 Ⅱ
Heart-Lung allocation issue in thoracic organ transplantation
12:20-12:50General Assembly    
12:50-13:50Luncheon Symposium ⅢLuncheon Symposium Ⅳ   
13:50-15:20Concurrent Symposium I
(Kidney/Pancreas I)
Recurrence of Primary Disease After Kidney Transplantation
oncurrent Symposium II
(Liver I)
Ensuring donor safety and recipient outcomes simultaneously in LDLT
Concurrent Symposium III
(Heart I)
Can we make standardized protocols for heart transplantation?
Concurrent Symposium IV
Concurrent Symposium V
Essential knowledge about laboratory/pathology medicine for patient care
15:20-15:40Coffee Break
15:40-17:10Concurrent Symposium VI
(Kidney/Pancreas II)
Considerations for Elderly Patients in Kidney transplantation
Concurrent Symposium VII
(Liver II)
Management of bleeding complication after liver transplantation
Concurrent Symposium VIII
(Heart II, 중증심부전연구회 Joint Symposium)
MCS for heart transplantation
 Concurrent Symposium IX
Korean lung transplantation: where are we going?

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